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Rachel Dashae / Enlightened Exposure ::  Phoenix, AZ.


    Rachel Dashae / Enlightened Exposure :: Phoenix, AZ.

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A N I M A L <> M A G N E T I S M

Sex is a necessity; without sex there is no life. Without the urge to procreate, we become extinct. That is the bottom line. But sex has other benefits as well, as evidenced by peoples’ perpetual preoccupation with it throughout RECORDED history. And we’re talking all sorts of sex – man with woman, woman with woman, man with man, many men with many women, one woman with many men, one man with many women, women with women and men, men with men and women… with plenty of self stimulation and mutual masturbation.

So, why all the restrictions, condemnations, shame and humiliation associated with the joy of giving and receiving sex in all it’s varied forms? Why do we still censor ourselves? Why do we continue to support and propagate a society that defiles and makes dirty that which is beautiful and innate in every single mammal on earth?

These questions continue to worm their way through my psyche… I feel that sexual urges are as natural and compelling as our need to communicate, interact and socialise. I believe sex is merely another form of communication – an added benefit of any relationship. A way of saying ‘I like you a lot, I want to rub myself all up and around you and in you and feel good with you and make you feel good and have this explosive moment that will make us both very happy and possibly bring us even closer.’ So, what’s wrong with that, I ask you? If the answer was simple, I suppose we wouldn’t be confused about the right and wrong of sex, etc. But it isn’t simple. You know why? Religion… and the bible: the ‘good’ book that defies all natural law.

Now, I imagine some porno watching Christians are going to take offence to what I have said, and bring the wrath of their god down upon me because it’s the right/christian thing to do – bash even a hint of opposition with insults, outrage and righteous condemnation. Well. Bring it. I’m not afraid of you – gone are the days bible-toting, single-minded, hate-filled, hypocritical, unenlightened ignoramuses have the right to burn and torture non-believers. At least for now.

NOW… as for sex – well, SEX is the focus of my blog (NOT religion). Well, not just sex… the beauty and art of stimulation and orgasm and interconnectedness and self-pleasure and giving… and taking. As long as it is consensual - it ain’t nothing but a good thing. So, hey, let’s just reaffirm what in our backbones we already know: sex is good, in all its forms. Good and hot and sweet and sticky. And also yummy. Mmmm mmmmm goood.

I’m not looking for love or a sexual connection or sexy chat. I'm a 48-year-old woman. What I lack in youth, I more than make up for in knowledge and experience, with the extra-added benefit of knowing who I am. I’m a liberal, an atheist, a lover of most art forms, music and intellect. I love to laugh and am prone to tears.

I’m not interested in personal attention or adulation or insult, so I won’t be sharing my personal life on here. My face and physical description are not what I consider topical issues due to my need for privacy, so please don’t ask.

I chose images that move me, and while I am not adverse to submissions, I can in no way promise I will post your photo(s).

**All photos reblogged from Tumblr sites or obtained elsewhere on the internet.** Images are sexually explicit and, therefore, educational and inspirational, however, may be objectionable to some. Enter at your own discretion. PLEASE ENJOY - And remember - IT'S ALL GOOD.

Have I forgotten anything? ASK! wantonwomanmeohmy@gmail.com

Last Edit: 17 September, 2013